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building-site security-cameras

building-site security-cameras

As far as security goes – it cant have too many cameras!.

We offer an Unlimited  amount of building site  security cameras for £185 per week.

Even very large sites with mutiple points of entry can be covered for such a small weekly rate.

Additionally you also get the benefit of loud tannoys which go with each camera.

For long term projects where running cables is not going to be a problem and power of sorts is available , having a “proper ” Construction site cctv system is good choice.


Placing as many cameras onsite as it needs is a much better stratergy as far as security goes , than the  minimalist placing of wireless cameras or tower cameras here and there.

Not only do you get better coverage but you get full recording and mobile app access. 

Unlimited Amount Of Fixed Wired CCTV Cameras £185p/w

Full Coverage : Having as many cameras as possible will give you the most protection possible.

Cameras being mounted every 30m along the outer fence , with extra cameras at key entry points and points of special interest – ie hidden areas easy to climb into will ensure your construction site gets the best coverage possible.

Only a traditional wired CCTV system will give the ultimate protection and we recommend this type of security over wireless cctv or towers.

Permanently Recording: Each Camera is permanently recording even during the day giving you the assurance you need that  should the need arise, you can always play something back.

Key Benefits.

1.Always recording

2.Access via App

3.Extensive coverage 

Despite the numerous benefits of this type of systems, there are drawbacks including .

1.The need to run a cable to each camera  ( something not always possible depending on the site layout)

2.Site Accomadation – your site will need an office of some sort to house the recorder etc.

3.Power..You will need a power  source of sorts , ie a generator