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Looking for a key Fob / Card Reading Construction Site Turnstile?

Key Fob Construction Site Turnstile

We supply basic key fob/card reading construction site turnstiles for 135 per week.

Low-cost purchase option. 10,800 gbp including setup and delivery.

Key fob turnstiles apart from being cheaper than biometric alternatives, ALWAYS work more reliably and let a given amount of people through that much quicker than either facial recognition or fingerprint reading turnstiles.

Although we supply both facial recognition and fingerprint construction site turnstiles, we always recommend the simpler key fob/card reading option where possible.

Time is important.

One key fob-controlled turnstile can let the same amount of people through per given amount of time as two turnstiles controlled by either facial recognition or a thumbprint reader.

If you’ve used airport eGates you’ll know that automatic facial scans aren’t always instant and sometimes need you to look into the camera again before your face is recognised and the turnstile opens.

How clean are your hands? 

Ingrained dirt, worn away skin, or a finger not presented to the reader at the same angle as it was registered on induction can also add on a second or two delays until it is correctly read by the turnstile.

Multiply these seconds by the amount of staff likely to leave or enter at a given time – especially when the site is closing, and you can appreciate how easily it is to be queuing for a few minutes each night.

If you wish us to quote you a biometric option – be it facial or fingerprint reading, please get in touch.

Turnstile basic requirements.

We need a 1600mm square concrete plinth of at least 100mm depth to accommodate the actual turnstile itself along with a nearby mains supply or 110v.

All our turnstiles are completely new fabrications and preassembled prior to delivery.

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