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Construction site wireless security cameras

Construction site wireless security cameras

Construction site wireless cameras

Wireless construction site cameras for only £185 p/w.

Wondering if its possible to use monitored cctv on your construction site if its got no power ?

Our wireless CCTV cameras are specifically designed for those constructions sites which have no power and where running cables is not really  possible.

Despite not needing power and a cabling infrastructure , they can still perform a useful function. 

The functionality of these cameras is such that there is no need to have any facilities onsite – including an expensive generator.. 

Special characteristics include:

Pros and Cons of wireless CCTV.

Whilst Wireless CCTV has many advantages – not least the convenience  of not having to worry about having any power etc onsite , this does come at some cost.

  1. There is not any local continuous recording. If you need continuous  recording only a tower camera or one of conventional cctv systems will be of use to you.
  2. There is no mobile app , allowing you to keep an eye on your site. No website access either.  

The pros of course may well outweigh the cons if you’re running a construction or demolition site with no power and where running cables is going to be a problem.


I install these systems in the main on short term projects or the likes of demolition sites where having suitable power etc is often a very problem.


More often than not ,  the local community does not like the noise of onsite generators  running at night and that is where this type of set-up can come in handy.


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