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Looking for Construction site CCTV?

Security for the construction site – As many cameras as you need for only £185 p/w.

Same Day Site Visit Available

I can offer every type of camera your construction site needs.

Wireless cameras – needing no power or cables

Mobile Tower Cameras – great for compound protection

Conventional CCTV – As many fixed cameras your construction site needs!

Need some cctv this week?

I understand the importance of reliable security; our comprehensive CCTV monitoring package includes

  • As many cameras as your site needs.
  • Power and Broadband if needed
  • Really Loud Tannoys
  • Out of Hours Monitoring to BS5979:2007 // ISO9001:2015
  • Quick and Neat Installations

What does my construction site get for £185 per week?

The certainty that from the moment you close your gate to till when you come back in the morning , your site will have been looked after as if you were there yourself.


Every Camera i put in gets it’s own  Loud Tannoy. 

The Loud Tannoys are a great way of deterring would be intruders . They are loud enough to disturb intruders and neightbours  alike.

More often than not, with the use of the tannoy, calling the police is not necessary.

Every construction site is different – i can offer a free site visit to help you decide exactly what fits your building site cctv needs best!

No two sites are the same. What type of cameras would be suitable and how many will depend on the nature of your construction site.

Depending how long your site is going to be in for , how easy it will be to run cables,  and whether broadband / power is available will determine the sort of system i can offer you.

I can provide  everything your site might need by way of  cctv , and  am always willing to offer any help in person or over the telephone.

Call me anytime , or email info@buildingsitecctv.com

Mobile CCTV Tower for construction sites £195 p/w – ideal if you’ve got no power or broadband 

Visually these units really stand out ,  providing  a deterrent  where its  needed  most.

Being totally portable , they can be towed in whereever most needed – ideal for site entrances or compound areas There compact size means they can fit in very tight spaces .

The camera unit itself is some 5m off the ground giving good views all round.

Great night vision upto 150m and complete with detachable battery powered wireless detectors , there is not much they will miss.

They dont need any power or broadband or  onsite accommodation to house any extras like a recorder etc – its all built in and self contained.

Want to try one out for a weeks ? 

Building site security cameras – ideal for long term sites with power available. £185 p/w

If you’ve got a project that is going to last for a good 6 months or so, and it’s large enough that it will need more than just a handful of cameras , then a wired system involving cables being run to each individual  camera is your best option.

For construction sites with , numerous points of exit / entry  and lots of places where it can be broken into , using a traditional wired cctv system will give you the best coverage at the cheapest price.

Our traditional wired cctv system will give you the best cover possible at £185 p/w regardless of how big or small it is.

With this type of system , we can guarantee that every vulnerable point of entry is covered.

These are fixed camera systems with all cameras looking at predetermined areas of interest. 

They don’t move up and down, nor zoom in and out – but there being so many of them , they are always looking at just the right spot  – so if you’ve had an incident during the day , as likely as not you will  always be able to  play it back .

Imagine the many deliveries you get a day for example. Knowing when a cement truck turned up , if indeed it turned up at all , could be very useful and this is where Having numerous cameras each wired into the recorder and each looking at the right position  is going to be more beneficial than having zoom in zoom out cameras that might not have been looking at the area when something of interest happened. 

Lots of individual  fixed cameras  give lots of coverage and  are cheaper than  alternative wireless / tower cameras.


If you have a long term project coming up and needs security from start to finish , then i can provide this sort of setup at a price cheaper than you’ll likely find elsewhere.

We supply Construction Site Wireless Security cameras for with no power or broadband and where running loads of cables is’nt feasable.

These handy little cameras are basically long-life wildlife cameras.

Have as many as you need for only £185 per week.

Think of these as an outside burglar alarm . They are motion sensors with a photographic camera attached.

When someone walks past the sensor , the internal battery powers up and sends a couple of snapshots to the control room.

Visual Verification is the name of the game.

As long as the central station can make out the presence of somebody , the handy little siren they come with can be activated remotely – in addition to the police being called.

They are not as good as having a full on system which will entail wires being run around the site and power being available – the picture quality isnt good enough to read a number plate for example ,  but if you have a site just starting up which does not have any facilities – like power for example…. then these are ideal 

Battery Powered  CCTV and totally wirefree..as many as you need for £185 p/w