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Building Site Security Cameras

Building Site Security Cameras

Building site security cameras (the ones which have a wire connecting them to a central location like a site office portacabin for example)  are ideal for construction sites where running cables isn’t going to be a problem. A fence line is ideal for both mounting the cameras on and supporting the cables that power them.

We supply these systems for as little as 200 GBP per week for 8 cameras with 24-hour monitoring. – they are cheaper and more effective than the wireless cameras or the CCTV towers.

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Box on all other platforms.

If you don’t mind a few low voltage cables (cat5 computer cables) being run around your site – and have the infrastructure for it (i.e. a fence line, an empty patch of grass, and or necessary ducts across gateways, etc.) this is your best option.

We aim to make sure any cable runs will take account of any future site layout so that the cables are not going to get in the way of site progression.

There’s nothing worse than having to call us out to remove or rerun cables each time a portacabin is moved or a load of scaffolding is coming down – on which previously some cables were attached.

Construction site CCTV security systems

Once installed and commissioned, your site will immediately benefit from cheap but reliable security.

How much does a temporary site security camera system cost?

Our weekly charge is generally 170 GBP plus VAT. For 4 cameras and up to 210 for 8 cameras

This provides for up to:

  • 4/8 cameras
  • 1 recorder
  • 1 Monitor
  • 4g connection
  • Out-of-hours monitoring.

What do we need to provide?

We ask that where needed, you can provide wooden posts buried in the ground at suitable locations as agreed upon during our initial site visit and be able to confirm a cable route for running the CCTV cables around.

If the site hoarding is sufficient or site accommodation is in the right position – i.e., has good views all around of where someone is likely to try and break in, the posts won’t be needed, as the cameras could be attached to the cabin or fencing.

….( maybe electric bolt signal) All Cabling is low voltage and presents no danger to any site operatives.

Where will the cameras be installed and how many are needed?

We can generally say that each camera is good for 30m, at a spread of 130 degrees, so you can get a lot of coverage from just one single camera.

Cameras mounted at crucial points (main entrance, vulnerable fence lines, site plant equipment locations, etc.), are a better option than trying to cover every inch of the site.

Additionally, the fewer cameras installed, the less likelihood of cables being accidentally cut by workers, etc.

How is your construction site security monitored?

We use an ISO9001:2015 accredited independent monitoring station operating to BS5979/BS8418.

The standard commits it to responding to 98 percent of all activations your cameras may send to it within 60 seconds.

All activations are recorded by the monitoring station and available locally onsite.

Can we watch the CCTV ourselves?


If you have an Android or Apple phone, we provide an app free of charge, allowing you to view activations or live CCTV.


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