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Timelapse For Construction

Construction site time-lapse recording for only 495 GBP per month – for full quotation call 0203 468 7323.

We are a leading UK provider of high-quality time-lapse for construction.

We provide construction site timelapse photography using high-quality 4/8k SDLR cameras delivering fantastic quality time-lapse videos.

What Construction site time-lapse is best suited to your project?

Time-lapse for Marketing material 

Time-lapse for marketing material demands the highest resolution DSLR camera.

DSLR photographic cameras can provide the sort of image quality in nighttime conditions that CCTV cameras will never match.

For social media feeds, 1k resolution from a budget CCTV camera is quite often sufficient. As part of our construction site CCTV package, we can provide this form of time-lapse video for construction FREE of charge

Site management 

If you’re looking at time-lapse from a site management point of view, you might be better off with our CCTV monitoring package. DSLR timelapse Photographic cameras are well suited for high-end construction time-lapse video but are more limited in what they can offer vis-a-vis live real-time monitoring.

A combination of CCTV and Timelapse… 

CCTV Cameras allow for live viewing. An SDLR photographic camera though offering superior images, is limited to providing images at pre-defined intervals. Our SDLR time-lapse construction cameras provide still high-def images at 15-minute intervals.

It’s those series of intervals that make the short 3-minute movie.

If both high-end video footage is equally as important as being able to see live events, we can provide an extra high-def CCTV camera, providing live images in addition to DSLR Camera at no extra charge.

Benefit from up to the second live video footage for monitoring purposes and stunning high-quality photographic DSLR construction site camera for timelapse marketing purposes.

Do you require raw images and are looking to compose your own movie?

We can create a short 3-minute video covering the entire build.

Importing the images taken from the camera/ cloud server we generally use Adobe Premiere or final cut pro to create a professional time-lapse sequence accompanied with a choice music background.

Selecting the perfect time-lapse construction camera location……………

We can arrange a site visit where in consultation with your site management, we can select the perfect location for each camera, taking into account:-

The direction of light and any obstructions.

A suitable fixing position away from the possibility of being disturbed

Where a 110v source is available and can be provided if needed.

The likely duration of the project – It’s essential that the camera be located in an area not subjected to changes in the environment.

Time-Lapse Construction site essentials

-Onsite and offsite storage is provided as part of the monthly cost. Both during and after the completion of the project, all recorded images are made available at the end of and during the project itself. Should you require, we can also embed them on your company website.

-Self Powered

We ask you to provide a 110v source. The cameras themselves contain battery backup and instant notification should the power be disconnected.

For those sites that lack power, we can provide a solar panel option

-Designed with the construction site in mind.

Rugged anodised metal enclosed DSLR ures ensure that our timelapse cameras for construction are protected from the harsh conditions to be expected on a construction site.

Still not sure if construction time-lapse camera rental is for you? Contact us for a no-obligation quote.