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Questions Asked By Our Clients About Our Services

Yes we will protect your construction site from intruders with enough cameras and outside motion detectors to cover the main gate, site accommodation, fuel bowser, plant equipment, etc. most of the time the site of the cameras being there will be a deterrent enough for would be intruders. For more info on the services we offer.

We provide self contained wireless fire evacuation systems – ideal for the protection of onsite staff. The system is operated by combining a wireless fire alarm and monitored cctv package, thus your site could benefit from protection against both fire and theft. For more info on the services we offer.

No it is all self-contained. Our systems are supplied with battery back-up and 3g internet, meaning no overnight power is required – making them ideal for new site start-ups and demolition sites with limited facilities. For more about how it all works in practice.

The police cannot be expected to patrol all construction sites in the area on the off-chance there might be some criminal activity going on. It makes total sense to work with the police with regards to issues of security and they can advise you as well as us on the best course of action and what security measures need to be put into place. They can also let you know if the area has been a target or is being currently targetted by would-be thieves or vandals and they will be the first port of call if there are any problems.

Installation Service

We set up CCTV all around the UK. We can assist you in finding the ideal CCTV system for your requirements and price range.

High Security

Building site security from only £105 p/w. Includes - 4 cameras/outside motion detectors and full monitoring.

24hr Monitoring

In the case of a genuine threat, our Alarm Receiving Centre in the UK is prepared to act.