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Construction Site Security Camera Hire

Construction site security camera hire is ever popular here in Buckinghamshire. A few cameras and a reliable monitoring station are all it takes to provide construction site security.

Our latest installation went in February 2023 at a secluded construction site in Buckinghamshire.

Having been broken into many times the customer found our website and asked us if we can help.

At first, we were asked if we can install a mobile CCTV tower, but we advised against it,

Mobile CCTV towers are of course a great way of securing an empty construction site but are not so effective when the site has many obstructions Like this one in Buckinghamshire. Sometimes Wireless CCTV can be very helpful, but it does come with limitations including the lack of any recording.

That’s why we decided to install wired CCTV construction site monitoring, including a recorder, wireless internet connection and loud tannoys.

Glen – Managing Director

How much does construction site security cost?

Four cameras and out of hours monitoring is $175 per week. Installation set up costs $400.
we think this is very competitive and our costs have not gone up for many years.

Four cameras were enough to protect this particular site… all the cabling is low voltage allowing the four cameras to be placed up to 100m away from the main accommodation cabin.

How long does it take to install?

This particular site took only a few hours and we can generally have any construction site security system installed with only a few days’ notice like this one in Buckinghamshire. but we also cover Essex Kent London and Surrey.

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