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Timelapse For Construction

Construction site time-lapse recording for only 495 GBP per month – for full quotation call 0203 468 7323.

We are a leading UK provider of high-quality time-lapse for construction.

We provide construction site timelapse photography using high-quality 4/8k SDLR cameras delivering fantastic quality time-lapse videos.

What Construction site time-lapse is best suited to your project?

Time-lapse for Marketing material 

Time-lapse for marketing material demands the highest resolution DSLR camera.

DSLR photographic cameras can provide the sort of image quality in nighttime conditions that CCTV cameras will never match.

For social media feeds, 1k resolution from a budget CCTV camera is quite often sufficient. As part of our construction site CCTV package, we can provide this form of time-lapse video for construction FREE of charge


Construction Site Security Camera Hire

Construction site security camera hire is ever popular here in Buckinghamshire. A few cameras and a reliable monitoring station are all it takes to provide construction site security.

Our latest installation went in February 2023 at a secluded construction site in Buckinghamshire.

Having been broken into many times the customer found our website and asked us if we can help.

At first, we were asked if we can install a mobile CCTV tower, but we advised against it,

Mobile CCTV towers are of course a great way of securing an empty construction site but are not so effective when the site has many obstructions Like this one in Buckinghamshire. Sometimes Wireless CCTV can be very helpful, but it does come with limitations including the lack of any recording.


Has Theft Increased In The UK?

We’ve noticed a definite increase in attempted construction site theft compared to last year and this corresponds to reports in the media which suggest the same trend. Everywhere.


Over the last week alone our construction site CCTV camera systems have detected four intrusions, preventing theft on construction sites in Essex, Kent, Sussex and Surrey, a much higher on a weekly basis than before 2021.