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Has Theft Increased In The UK?

We’ve noticed a definite increase in attempted construction site theft compared to last year and this corresponds to reports in the media which suggest the same trend. Everywhere.


Over the last week alone our construction site CCTV camera systems have detected four intrusions, preventing theft on construction sites in Essex, Kent, Sussex and Surrey, a much higher on a weekly basis than before 2021.

“We’ve had years of tough talk from Conservative ministers, but the truth is they can’t even get the basics right.”

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesperson, Alistair Carmichael

How to prevent theft from your site?

Combine a Police response with an event-driven CCTV system.

A small to medium-sized construction site can be effectively secured with as little as four cameras – a small Mobile CCTV trailer powered by a solar panel and wind turbine is ideal for high crime environments.

An intruder was detected last month in this construction site in Crawley – the first of 2023 and resulted in an arrest. Four Cameras really can be quite effective.

This young individual was detected climbing over a fence in a petrol station development in Leeds, in February 2023 and was promptly warned off using the loud tannoy system, preventing the theft of red diesel – which seemed to be the target.

Monitored in real-time – preventing crime rather than having to rely on video evidence the day after is an effective way of securing a construction site.